Awakening Energies: Navigating the Mind-Body Connection in Yoga Manifesto


Embark on a transformative odyssey as we delve into Module 2 of Yoga Manifesto – “Awakening Energies.” This module unfolds the intricate tapestry of the mind-body connection, providing profound insights into the dynamics of life force and mind energies. Let’s recap Module 1’s foundational teachings and seamlessly transition into the exploration of these energies that shape our consciousness.

“Yoga Manifesto’s Guiding Light”

As a beacon for transformational entrepreneurs, energy healers, and life coaches, Yoga Manifesto stands committed to elevating consciousness. Our mission is to guide individuals through reactive states and break free from limiting patterns, empowering them to create the life they desire.

“Energy Alchemy: Unleashing Transformation”

Acknowledging the limitations of standard coaching, Yoga Manifesto introduces energy work as a catalyst for transformation. Techniques like energy healing, chakra balancing, and sound baths become pivotal tools, helping clients break through barriers and lay the foundation for profound change.

“Beyond the Physical: Navigating the Quantum Mind”

In Module 2, we journey into the quantum field of the mind, exploring the depths of subconscious memories. Recognized as the storehouse of Akashic records in yogic wisdom, the mind’s energy becomes a powerful force in shaping our reality, transcending the confines of the physical realm.

“Energies Unveiled: Life Force and Mind Energy”

Delve into the core of our being, where two fundamental energies reside – the life force, pulsating through every cell, and the mind energy, the repository of DNA memories. These energies serve as the foundational elements that influence our experiences and perceptions.

“The Dance Within: Feminine and Masculine Energies”

A deeper exploration reveals the intricate dance between feminine and masculine energies. Understanding this dynamic interplay is crucial as we navigate how mental energy evolves into physical energy. Recognizing these dual energies within ourselves empowers intentional actions and conscious living.


Embark on the profound journey of “Awakening Energies” with Yoga Manifesto. As we unravel the mysteries of the mind-body connection, our commitment to elevating consciousness remains unwavering. Join us in this exploration where belief precedes manifestation, and the true power to shape our reality lies within the depths of our consciousness.

Stay tuned for deeper insights and practical applications as Yoga Manifesto continues to guide you through transformative modules on your path to conscious living.

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