The Cosmic Life Force Beyond Oxygen – A Path to Manifestation


Breathing, the fundamental rhythm of life, is an intricate dance between the intake of oxygen and the subtle cosmic life force known as Vitagra. While oxygen keeps our physical bodies alive, it is Vitagra that infuses our existence with profound energy and vitality. This article delves into the realm of Vitagra, illuminating its significance in our lives and exploring how it connects with the art of manifestation.

The Uniqueness of Nostril Dominance

Surprisingly, our breathing patterns are not symmetrical. At any given time, one nostril takes the lead, orchestrating the ebb and flow of our life force. This natural phenomenon involves the alternation between the left nostril (solar), the right nostril (lunar), and the central channel. Within this central channel lies Vitagra, the cosmic life force that acts as the bridge to our inherent potential.

The Cosmic Life Force for Manifestation

Vitagra, beyond merely sustaining our life, is intrinsically linked to the grand tapestry of manifestation. It is the vital force that powers our deepest desires. While the other channels play their roles in regulating physical and mental functions, Vitagra emerges as the ethereal path for connecting with celestial powers, essential for bringing our aspirations to life.

Manifestation: The Cosmic Symphony

What stirs our souls? What propels us toward desires of peace, happiness, and fulfillment? The answer is found within the cosmic symphony of manifestation. When the cosmic life force of Vitagra courses freely, we stand poised to close the gap between yearning and reality. Vitagra serves as the conduit, connecting our consciousness to the very manifestation of our profound wishes.

Awakening the Celestial Power

To tap into the boundless cosmic potential of Vitagra, one must traverse a path of heightened awareness and deliberate practice. Maanas Yoga, a practice that transcends the confines of traditional yoga, serves as an ideal platform for harnessing this cosmic life force. Through dedicated and unwavering practice, the dormant potential within us awakens, empowering us to breathe life into our most cherished dreams.


In the gentle cadence of our breath and the ebb and flow of our nostrils lies the profound wisdom that oxygen alone is insufficient to sustain our spirits. The cosmic life force of Vitagra offers a greater source of energy and vitality, empowering us to lead lives of limitless potential. In acknowledging the profound significance of Vitagra, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation that surpasses our loftiest dreams. The power resides within us, awaiting the moment when we choose to breathe life into our grandest visions and aspirations.

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