Are you a Freedom lifestyle entrepreneurs (life or biz coach, healer or a yoga teacher)?

Are you wondering what’s holding you back from crossing the 6 or multi 6- figure threshold? Then, this may be of interest to you.

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We all know that everything in our world is created of energy. That includes you, me,  our bodies, minds, our computers, and our world and everything in it. But a lot of people do not know that there are three different kinds of energies. The mental, physical and spiritual energy. Each of these energy has different frequency and can be shifted on demand, by learning how to work with it.

In fact, we all know about these energies but we are not conscious that we know it. And perhaps that is one of the biggest reason you may be struggling to create the life you desire. If you are struggling to take the business to the level you desire, chances are good that you are stuck in an action frenzy, working too hard and taking unnecessary steps due to lack of the “right” knowledge or misdirected by a guru who has turned on their switch by accident. Yes, we all have a switch in our mind that control the flow of the mental energy and the same $witch controls the flow of abundance.

The reason I say you know about these energies is because we use it all the time. Anything you manifest or create uses all three energies. In other words, everything is created three times. For example, take a simple act of eating a sandwich. First of all the desire to eat a sandwich arises with a thought. The thought comes from 4 places but most often the desire is from the spirit. Then we start to feel the hunger which is the movement of the physical energy, which stirs the mental energy to think of what kind of sandwich we want, where to get it from or how to make it and so on. Then we order it or make it, which is the use of physical energy again and the same energy is used to eat it. The mental energy is used to decide if we liked it or not and the spirit is ultimately the one that feels satisfied or unsatisfied with the whole experience and the data is held in the Akashic Memory Bank.

We go through a similar process for any experience in our life, including creating and experiencing the business and money.


My name is Rajah Sharma. I am a yogipreneur, an author and the developer of www.myportalx.com. I help Freedom lifestyle entrepreneurs, such as life or biz coaches, energy healers & yoga teachers to attract high paying clients & scale their business.

If this subject is of interest to you and you would like to be a trailblazer and share this knowledge with your tribe then leave me comment below and let’s start a conversation, perhaps a movement to create conscious change in the personal growth world. Let’s get beyond the mindset in the quantum mind space & create the life you desire.

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